The Condition Improvement Fund ("CIF") is an opportunity for academies and sixth-form colleges to apply for capital funding  to address significant condition need. This includes addressing health and safety issues, building compliance and poor building condition.  

CIF also supports a small proportion of expansion projects for Ofsted-rated good or outstanding academies and sixth-form colleges that need to expand their existing facilities and/or floor space.

Before applying for CIF Bid(s) please be aware that the scheme is now heavily oversubscribed and the CIF Guidance states " Unfortunately it will not be possible to fund all good applications because of the scale of demand".

Based on guidance from previous years the following restrictions are likely to apply: 

  • Academies can bid for up to 2 projects
  • The minimum funding amount is £20,000 for primary and £50,000 for secondary and sixth-form colleges
  • The maximum funding available per project will be limited to £4 million

How Can We Help? 

Archer Building Consultancy have been helping academies compile condition funding bids since the scheme began. This gives us the experience and expertise needed to develop successful bids with minimal hassle to you, leaving you free to run your academy.

We will meet with you to discuss and agree your priority condition projects.  Once appointed and the academy has registered online to apply for CIF, we will start developing your bids. 

What Do We Need From You? 

For a potentially more favourable outcome, the academy will need to provide the following:-

-The latest Property Data Survey or Condition Report from the ESFA 

-Asbestos Management Plan

-Fire Risk Assessment

-Site/floor plans 

-*School impact statements and evidence to substantiate the issues experienced

*No one knows your academy like the people who are there on a daily basis. The site team and teaching/support staff should be able to give you statements, evidence, photos and details of the issues experienced day to day, the impact to teaching and learning and how it's currently managed. 

We'll Do the Rest

We will develop evidence that the scheme is achievable, cost effective and risk adverse. The key issues are:

  • Possible planning approval agreed
  • An achievable programme of works
  • Scheme has been tendered and/or estimates have been sought to provide cost certainty
  • Operational risks are mitigated

Items such as planning approval/costed tenders will require upfront funding from the Academy.  Once all parties are satisfied with the proposed bid then the named person from the school will submit the application online.

Please contact us on 01279 871981 or We look forward to hearing from you.