Archer Building Consultancy Ltd are proud to offer schools an enhanced ‘annual servicing and testing’ programme where all the servicing, testing and servicing liabilities, plus emergency reactive works, are arranged and fulfilled on the school’s behalf.

We currently offer a bespoke Measured Term Contract (MTC) for procuring annual servicing, testing and inspection works which is a time tested and proven system. The MTC adopts the principles of economies of scale where, quite simply, better value is achieved by ‘bulk buying’. We have put a huge amount of time and effort into working with the schools to ensure that the system is easy to operate and understand and all documentation has and continues to adapt organically. All the works from the schools within the MTC are tendered annually which exceeds the Local Authority standard of obtaining quotations. This process tests the current market to provide best value and ensures that the schools each pay less per servicing item than if they had procured the works individually.

Archer Building Consultancy Ltd also provide the following services as part of the MTC:

  • Administration of annual servicing contract.
  • 3 health & safety inspections per year.
  • 24 hour 365 day buildings advice.
  • Proactive advice regarding preventative maintenance.

The annual fee for the MTC is fixed at £1,500.00 + VAT (professional services only) for primary schools regardless of the amount of servicing, testing, inspection and emergency maintenance work required. We believe this allows for cost certainty on professional fees whilst relieving school staff of the time consuming responsibility of day to day management.

Archer Building Consultancy Ltd also offer all schools within the MTC competitive fee rates for capital projects:

  • 7.5% - Projects requiring limited professional involvement.
  • 9.5% - Projects requiring significant professional involvement, including Planning, Building.

Regulations approval and CDM Co-ordination.