Archer Building Consultancy Ltd are able to offer a wide variety of survey work to benefit schools and academies, either as a single commission or part of a larger scheme, including:

  •  Building Inspections / Pathology.
  •  Condition (Asset Management).
  •  Defects Analysis.
  •  Fire Safety Audits.
  •  H & S Inspections.
  •  Level Surveys.
  •  Measured Surveys.
  •  Suitability and Sufficiency Surveys.

Our details Asset Management plans are an essential tool for any school or academy proactively managing their property portfolio, whilst developing a ‘funding strategy’ to maximise any future bids for condition related projects to the EFA.

Archer Building Consultancy Ltd charge a fixed rate for Asset Management Plans, as follows:

Primary schools / academies - £1,995.00 + VAT

Secondary schools / academies - £4,995.00 + VAT.