Sandon School

Sixth Form Extension

Archer Building Consultancy Ltd worked very closely with representatives of The Sandon School to determine a viable location for an extension to the 'sixth form' facilities, on what is now a very compact and restricted site. A viable location was determined, but was restricted by an underground gas pipe that had proximity restrictions. Archer Building Consultancy Ltd ultimately provided The Sandon School with the third significant extension in three years, taking information learnt about the construction of the existing 1960's buildings to deliver best value, functionality and low maintenance external materials in keeping with the existing vernacular. Furthermore, value was added by reflecting the design of the existing elevation to ensure that existing powder coated aluminium windows and doors, which were only a year old, could be incorporated into the design, to achieve 'best value'.
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We have worked with James Archer Building Consultancy for 3 years; they have successfully assisted
us in a range of building projects from large window replacement projects to smaller toilet
refurbishments. All our projects have been completed within time, at a high quality and within
budget. They are accommodating to building within a school environment and we look forward to
working with them in the future.

Mrs K L Bayley - Business Manage The Sandon School